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The difference between Rosewater Hydrosol and boiling rose petals.

The Benefits of Rose Hydrosol

There is so much to talk about when it comes to rose Hydrosol. Other countries have been using this for centuries in cooking and skin care. Cleopatra bathed in this liquid gold so it might be worth for us to give it a try. Adding this wonderful ingredient to your daily routine will help your skin look and feel healthy. Rose Hydrosol is usually a byproduct of rose essential oil but some companies make rose Hydrosol as the sole item. Rose Hydrosol contains a small amount of rose essential oil so when you purchase rose Hydrosol your getting a lot more bang for your buck. Boiling roses or soaking them is not the same. The distillation process or making rose essential oil takes thousands of rose petals. But what are the benefits of rose Hydrosol? What can it help with? One of the best benefits (in my opinion) is its anti-inflammatory properties. Rose Hydrosol can help with inflammation for the skin, eczema, sunburns, acne, psoriasis, red irritated patchy skin. Its also is used as a toner. helping reduce fine lines wrinkles and leaving yours skin firm while helping reduce the size or pores on your face and also helping control excess oil. Rose Hydrosol has antibacterial properties as well as antiviral and can be used as an antiseptic. Here at Rayven Hair & Beauty, we are so passionate about this product. We offer it is a setting spray and a toner. We add additional ingredients to make sure you are getting the most out of the products we make and sell. There are so many reasons to use this natural product. Give it a try and let us know how you feel.

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Quick Tips : Caring for Virgin Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Care Tips

These are a few quick tips that I always tell my clients when purchasing any type of extension. Some of these are extremely personal choices that I make when caring for my bundles but I have had years and years of trial and error.  

First things first – please say no to hair spray!! The alcohol dries out and damages the hair. 

The less product the better

Just think of it like this. The product you put on your extensions the more you have to wash and condition. Wearing the hair in its natural state increases the longevity of your extensions. I have some are 5+ years old!!!

I’m not saying using products and washing your extensions is a bad thing. Keeping the hair clean is very very important when keeping your extensions tip top condition. 

Don’t sleep with wet hair

Sleeping with wet hair is bad for your braids (if you have a sew in) and for your extensions. It can lead to dry and tangly hair. Not tangly like beauty supply hair but it will tangle. That can lead to shedding which leads to thin extensions and wasted money.  Let your hair dry and check it before bedtime. 

Wrap that weave up!

Before bed wrap your weave up or put a bonnet on. This can help set a hair style while preventing any unnecessary damage to your natural hair and extensions. 

Minimal heat

I’m a hypocrite lol. I love throwing in some wand curls to my straight and bodywave bundles but I also try to preserve the curl. Pinning it up with a bonnet to cover or using flexi rods can really help with the decrease of heat damage on hair extensions. But I also know our bundles can hold a curl for days so this isn’t too big of a problem for my Rayven Beauties. 


Wash as needed with luke warm to cold water with a sulfate free shampoo. ( we will talk about sulfate free shampoos soon). Gentles wash you extensions from top to bottom. Don’t squeeze or rough up bundles. This is what I do:

Make “ scissors” (with fingers) using middle finger and pointer.

Clamp down on hair with finger and smooth the shampoo down under the water until clean.

After shampoo is rinsed out use a moisturizing conditioner and smooth through hair. Let sit for minimum of 15 min

rinse with cold water with the “scissor’ method

this step is very important LET HAIR AIR DRY OVERNIGHT. Air drying over night is an amazing way to the the original curl pattern return and prevent any unnecessary heat damage.

These are some basic care tips for your virgin hair extensions. More hair extension tips to come. 

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Have you wasted money on shit hair? Me too!

Have you ever walked into the beauty supply and dropped a couple hundred on hair you were told would last you years?? Me too. 0nly to find out 3 weeks later that this nappy ball of human hair mixed with synthetic hair was a complete waste of your hard earned money? Been there done that. I think most of us have and some are still stuck in this cycle. I wear hair extensions and wigs to protect my natural hair through my hair growth journey. I live in Lawton, Oklahoma and the weather is harsh on my hair. So when I choose to purchase extensions, they need to be worth it or I will be upset. This is a common problem where I live. There are only beauty supply stores with crappy hair and the people that sell it have absolutely no idea what the hair feels like or how long it will truly last. Now Lawton, Oklahoma has a Virgin hair boutique were they can get answers from people that actually wear the hair and know how it responds to certain conditions. I will continue this with stories about my beauty supply adventures lol.

Thanks beauties ?❤️❤️

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My favorite Natural Products for Hair

There are soo many “natural products” to choose from these days so where do we even begin?! My story on the products I use and the struggle to find what works for me.

Since I moved to Oklahoma from Washington state, I noticed a huge change in my hair. It seemed like everything made my hair break off, thin and just shed. My hair that was once all the way to my but was to my ears! The products I once used just did not work anymore. I decided to go natural. No more chemicals. No more relaxers nothing. When I did this I fell in love with my natural hair all over again. ( this is the short version)

Now I use natural oils, butters and gels. Yes! Natural gels! Flax seed gel. (No I’m not talking about the stuff you get from the Beauty supply store that is loaded with chemicals and preservatives). I’m talking about boiling flax seeds and the gel they produce. It is the best product I have ever used! It defines curls, conditions and restores the shine to my hair. Sometimes I add oils and mix with Shea to make a cream but it is so benificial on its own.

Another product I use pretty much everywhere on my body is Shea Butter. I can’t express enough about how amazing Shea  is! You can use it on the face, body, scalp, everywhere. I use it to take off make up too!(but don’t get it in your eyes lol) . Grease your scalp with Shea Butter. The healing properties and preformance of Shea way out do traditional hair grease. It can be used by itself or mixed with oils and essential oils.

Castor Oil with Rosemary. It’s a popular product in our shop for a reason. Talk about new THICK hair growth. Castor oil and rosemary stimulate circulation and cleanse the hair folical making the new growth healthier  than ever.

These products have saved my natural life and grown my hair. I thought I would share.  Questions or comments? Let me know!


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