News about the shop and website.

I am so excited to present the new website and features that are to come!

This new website will give us the power to further customized our Shea butter, oils, toners, setting sprays and other customized products. Product customization is important with this business because it is what we do!(at an affordable price) As you can tell not all our products are on the new site. I am in the process of adding all of our products to our website. If anyone has any questions or want to purchase a product that is not listed yet, please please feel free to send me an email, text, DM, whatever is easier for you with what products you are looking for.


Ashley Britz-Owner

Coming soon to our online store

Our custom closure units will be available for purchase.  They will be customizable and will include wig maintenance, a pre styled option and additional lengths. Make sure to DM, text or email us if you want to know the exact release date!